Zambon Svizzera SA

Zambon is looking for motivated, brilliant and enthusiastic individuals, interested in pursuing a career in a leading company in both the Italian and international markets.

People working at Zambon share values and goals, two faces of the same coin that allow Zambon to offer "products, services and solutions to help a growing number of people in many countries breathe and live well, of which their quality and safety is assured through the management of the entire supply chain."

Zambon sincerely believes in the people who work and who have worked with her. They are the ones who have truly contributed to the continuous improvement of her processes, the quality of her products and the research of new products and services.

The organisation of Zambon is characterised by a high level of integration and cooperation, which apply to the various companies that comprise the Group and its organisational functions. Zambon is an organisation open to external communities, resilient and capable of seizing opportunities as they arise. However, above all, Zambon is distinguished by her people who are committed to developing opportunities for continuous learning and skill enhancement, operate under an integrated set of personal and professional ethics that constitute the company culture. All this makes us proud to say that working at Zambon is much more than a job.

In Zambon, you can work in different sectors: post your curriculum vitae in our database. Your CV, which you can update and change at any time, will be evaluated for present and future selections. The recruitment and selection process is managed directly by the Human Relations Department based on spontaneous applications and contacts with universities for the recruitment of fresh graduates and technical institutes for the recruitment of fresh diploma holders. For certain special positions we also tend to rely on ads in newspapers, the internet and even headhunting companies. All CVs received will be evaluated and stored within the database.